How can I order?
The ordering process at our online store is as easy as buying from a physical store. Select a category and browse through the gallery of our products.  You can use the sorting at the top of the list to narrow the results depending on your preferences.  When you find a product you like, click on it to get to the page with the detailed description. From there, click on "add to cart" and the item will be selected for purchase. When you're done with your shopping, go to the shopping cart and click "Purchase" to start the process of completing the order.

Do I need to create an account to make an order?
No, it is not necessary to create a personal account to order at reignofknots.com. Selecting ' buy as a guest "you do your shopping without creating an account. However, creating your personal account, you are given the option to save personal information and shipping addresses so you don't have to write  themin each order.

Can I cancel an order?
This depends on the status of your order. If your order has not yet shipped, you can cancel the whole or any part of it. In any case, fill out the contact form in the  "Contact"menu.

How do I use my shopping cart?
The shopping cart works in the same way you would use it in a physical store.It contains all selected  products for purchase and itis the last step before your order.It allows you to track, add and remove items as you would do in a regular store.

How can I see the contents of my shopping cart?
To see the items contained in your Shopping Basket, click the icon for "shopping basket" located on the right side of the website. The number you see lists the products contained in the basket and their respective values.

How do I add or remove items from my shopping cart?
To add an item to your shopping cart, click on "basket", located in the detailed description of the item. To remove an item, click on the link "shopping cart" on the top right of the Web page and then click "x" next to the item you want to remove.

How do I change the quantity of products I want to buy?
To change the quantity of items, go to the link "shopping cart" and pressing the number under the ' Quantity ' of the product you can choose the number of items you want to order.

In what way can I pay my order?
The Reign of Knots provides you the following payment methods to choose  fromt that  suits you.

• Cash on delivery (only in Greece): payment of your order is made upon receipt of payment of the amount to the  courier of the company we work with.

• PAYPAL: Choosing payment via Paypal will be redirected to Paypal's website (online secure transaction system) where you can pay through  your Paypal account. The payment process via PayPal is fully automated and is usually completed within a few minutes. During this time, no personal information (including credit card number) is  stored in reignofknots.com.

What information do we need from you?
In General, you can use this website without giving us any information. However, additional services may be available if we have certain information about you. You may be prompted for the following information: registration account information such as your name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address.
-your billing information, transaction and (in the case of purchase product from our online store).
-If you contact us, we may keep mail and file-information about your personal or professional interests, demographics, experiences with our products and contact preferences in order to provide you with further correspondence about our products and services.
Is my payment information safe?
We will not convey/disclose your personal information to third parties under any circumstances. your information is totally safe.

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